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Blue Peter Public Health and Research Centre Blue Peter Public Health and Research Centre

Our projects

The Blue Peter Public Health and Research Centre (BPHRC)

The Blue Peter Public Health and Research Centre (BPHRC) was established following a highly successful 1996 campaign of the children’s TV programme Blue Peter which raised over £2.8 million!

The Lepra Society's research centre, combines scientific expertise and state of the art research facilities and works closely with communities affected directly by diseases such as leprosy, tuberculosis (TB), lymphatic filariasis (LF) and other neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). This helps us to improve quality of care, and develop new treatments and techniques for managing NTD related disabilities.

We also research the impact of diseases on the economic and social wellbeing of those affected. This helps us to identify the wider needs of people and communities affected by disease and to design projects in more appropriate and effective ways.

Help our garden grow

As part of Lepra’s centenary celebration, we are joining forces with Saira Ali, an award-winning landscape architect, and Juliet Sargeant, a Chelsea Flower Show Gold Medal designer to raise funds to build a therapeutic garden at BPHRC.

We believe the garden will improve wellbeing, social inclusion and skills development. The garden is also planned to become a local attraction for community events.

The proposed garden design

Your support will not only build the garden but also sow the seeds of hope, healing and empowerment. 

Read more about our Go Fund Me campaign.