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The Sonepur Care Centre Renovation Project

For more than three decades, Lepra has run a referral centre in Sonepur, serving people affected by leprosy in the district and neighbouring areas.

At the Centre, Lepra provides a whole range of in-patient and out-patient leprosy services for local children, women and men, including diagnostics, ulcer treatment, physiotherapy, and the supply of tailor-made footwear and disability aids. Our staff also facilitate reconstructive surgery for people with correctable disabilities, working alongside local government hospitals and private healthcare providers who carry out the operations before patients are transferred to the Sonepur Centre for post-operative care.

In early 2020, Lepra took the difficult decision to close the Sonepur Centre due to limited resources. However, in the following months, the ongoing need for the Centre and its services became increasingly clear as people affected by leprosy were forced to travel further to reach public hospitals which were already overwhelmed. Recognising the strong demand for leprosy services in the district, Lepra prioritised re-opening the Sonepur Centre and was able to do so in late 2021.

A self-care session at the Soepur Care Centre

At the time, some limited works were undertaken to the wards to enable the re-opening, but further renovations are now needed so that the children, women and men attending the Centre receive the best level of care, in a fit-for-purpose building complex. Our ultimate aim is for the Sonepur Centre to become a centre of excellence for integrated disability care, providing both services which are lacking in the district, such as leprosy physiotherapy, as well as specialist medical training and research in the care of physical disabilities caused by leprosy and other neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). Renovating and equipping the Sonepur Centre is the first step in this plan and will ultimately contribute both to better supporting children, women and men affected by leprosy today, as well as to the longer-term fight against leprosy.

A person affected by leprosy attending a post-treatment checkup

Since 2023, the DATUM Foundation has very kindly been supporting Lepra with funding towards the renovation of the buildings at the Sonepur Centre.

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